Electronic Letter of Academic Accommodations FAQ's

Q:           How do I get my letter?

A:           First, request an updated Letter of Accommodations from your Access Specialist at DRES.  Accessing your letter will require you to log into Compass 2g at this link--


You will be asked for your NetID and your password. This will be the same password that you use to access your University of Illinois email account. If you have difficulty logging in, contact CITES as indicated on the log-in page.

Once you are logged in, look for "OPEN LEARNING - DRES Letter of Accommodations." This link will also say, "A-F," "G-L," "M-R," or "S-Z" depending on your last name. Open that page.

You will see a folder with your name. Click on the folder to open it.

You will see a PDF of your letter. You can open the letter in a separate window and print a hard copy, or you can choose to download the letter directly to your hard-drive. NOTE: Do not download your letter to a public computer! Your confidentiality may be compromised!

Questions regarding logging in to Compass should be addressed to CITES. Questions regarding your Letter of Academic Accommodations should be addressed to your Access Specialist.

Q:           Will my letter be visible to others?

A:           No. Confidentiality is still of utmost priority here at DRES.  Only you will be able to view and access your letter through Compass.

Q:           Can the electronic version be modified?

A:           All the Letters of Accommodations will be locked PDFs and will have editing locked out and encrypted via password. Only DRES staff will be able to modify letters of accommodation.  As is the case now, if you need to modify your Letter of Accommodations, you just contact your Access Specialist to discuss.

Q:           What if my professors insist on paper copies even after I send them electronic versions?

A:           You can still print out paper copies if you desire. The letter will be on DRES letterhead and all letters are electronically signed by your Access Specialist.

Q:          What if my letter is incorrect, like I’m missing an accommodation?

A:           If your letter is inaccurate, simply contact your Access Specialist and the letter can be modified.

Q:          Can I access my letter at any time?

A:           Yes, once you letter is uploaded to the Compass Site, you can access it as many times as needed to download to send to professors or make copies. 

Q:          How do I turn off the notifications on the Compass mobile app?

A:         Step 1: Log into Compass2g.

             Step 2: On the compass2g home page, locate the dropdown arrow, which is located directly to the right of your name at top right hand corner of the webpage.

             Step 3: Clicking the dropdown arrow, will open the dropdown menu

             Step 4: In the dropdown menu, several different options will be available to click. These are Courses, Organizations, Links, Tools, and Settings. You will click on settings.

             Step 5: After clicking on settings, another set of menu options will appear. You should then click on Edit Notification Settings.

             Step 6: You are now on the Edit Notification Settings Page. You will have two options, you can either select the individual course you are taking or selecting all of the courses you are taking.

             Step 7: If you are removing notifications from all your courses refer to step 8. If you are removing notification from your individual course it will be located on the left hand side of the page. It will be located underneath the Edit Individual Course Settings column. Just select the course you are interested in removing mobile notifications.

             Step 8:  If you are removing notifications from all of your courses. It will be located underneath the Bulk Edit Notification Settings on the right hand side of the screen. Here click on Courses I am taking.

             Step 9: Removing mobile notifications from either individual courses or all courses will lead to similar webpages. You must now locate the checkbox labeled Mobile. Remove the checkmark so it is left unselected. This will remove all mobile notifications from being received. Once this is complete, click submit and you will have successfully turned off mobile alerts from your compass2g account.

             If you have any question, comments, concerns about how to cancel notifications using the Compass mobile app, please contact: Dr. Rachel Graddy, rgraddy@illinois.edu(217) 300-3646.