Suggested Items to Bring

Curious what you should bring, or shouldn’t bring? For your reference, University Housing has developed a more comprehensive Move-in Checklist.  Here are some items to bring in addition to housing's suggestions. If you notice a difference between the two lists, go with what we've included, or contact Paige just to make sure:

  • Shower chair;
  • Computer printer;
  • Copy paper;
  • Disposable Latex free Medical Gloves - for your PAs - bring enough to last the semester, not just 1 box;
  • Paper towels for your bedroom, and a paper towel holder (free standing);
  • Disposible wipes (Do not bother purchasing "flushible" wipes. No wipes are to be flushed, they all clog the toilet.
  • Surgical masks (protect you and/or staff when you/they are ill);
  • Toolbox (Allen wrench, Duct Tape, zip ties, tools and spare parts, bolts, screws, nuts that fit your wheelchair, velcro);
  • First Aid Kit (stocked with various sizes of band-aids, thermometer, pain reliever or other over-the counter meds, zip lock bags for ice, antibiotic ointment...);
  • Extra bedding (minimum of two sets of twin sheets);
  • Draw sheet (may be an extra flat sheet or towel, you do not need to purchase an actual "Draw sheet")
  • Some type of pouch/bag where you plan to keep your wallet/I-Card attached to your wheelchair;
  • White garbage bag liners-to use for non-routine laundry, flushable wipes, or if you use an incontinence/sanitary product;
  • A couple of permanent markers (like Sharpie's) to mark on white garbage bag liners;
  • Laundry soap, clothes softener for High Efficiency (HE) products; and
  • Air freshener;
  • Washable or disposible incontinence pad for students bed;
  • Mattress topper;
  • Reacher's or other adaptive devices used by student.
  • Back-up wheelchair (must be able to be stored in room, or on your storage shelf;)
  • Gait belt or other items used to assist with transfers.

Student Medical Supplies

Residents are responsible for setting up their own accounts with durable medical vendors for supplies and medications if you prefer are having items shipped to you regularly.  


Beckwith staff will not store supplies for residents that does not fit on their assigned storeage shelf in the basement. Nugent Hall and BRSS are not responsible for lost or stolen supplies and/or medications. It is the responsibility of the resident to assure that medications and supplies are delivered and securely managed. 

BECKWITH RESIDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO PURCHASE DISPOSABLE MEDICAL GLOVES FOR USE BY THEIR PERSONAL ASSISTANTS. Beckwith Personal Assistants are required to use disposable gloves as a means of providing safe, efficacious care to the residents with disabilities. Gloves provide a barrier between infectious agents and the skin. Glove use is a basic precept of prevention of blood borne pathogen transmission. Breaks in the hand`s skin barrier are common. Gloves are used for the protection of the Personal Assistant and the Beckwith resident. PERSONAL ASSISTANTS HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE TO ASSIST RESIDENTS WHO DO NOT PROVIDE DISPOSABLE GLOVES.