Athletic Spotlights

Illini Compete at Home
February 11, 2016

University of Illinois

CID Tournament Schedule

February 12th and 13th

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                            Court 1                                                     Court 3 _________


Friday, February 12th   


10AM    Edinboro  vs  AL               


Noon      SMSU  vs  Mizzou                                           UWW(w)  vs  UI (W)


2 PM      UI  vs  Edinboro                                                  


4 PM      SMSU  vs UWW                                                Mizzou  vs  AL


6 PM      UI (W)  vs  AL (W)                                             Edinboro  vs  UWW(w)


8 PM      UI  vs  UWW                                                      


Saturday, February 13th


8AM       Edinboro  vs UI                                                 SMSU vs  ASU


10AM    AL vs  UWW                                                        AL(W)  vs  UWW (W)


12p         ASU vs UI                                                            Edinboro  vs Mizzou       


2pm       AL(W)  vs  UI(W)             


4PM       AL vs UI -----senior introductions prior to game; HOF presentation at half-time


6PM       ASU  vs  UI(W)


*** The Team listed first will be the away team and will wear dark, the team listed second is the home team and will wear white/light.