Accessible Information Technology Group

The Accessible IT Group promotes and supports the inclusion of students with disabilities in the information technology environment of the University of Illinois.  Just like curbcuts and ramps made it possible for students in wheelchairs to attend the university in the 1950's we need a new generation of electronic curbcuts and ramps for students with disabilities to participate in today's virtual learning communities of the Internet. 

The group collaborates with managers, instructors, developers and designers to improve the accessibility of the campus electronic infrastructure, develops tools to increase awareness and provide quality assurance of accessible web design, and is developing accessible design resources to support development teams in implementing accessible designs.    

Mission Statement

The mission of Accessible IT Group (AITG) is to promote a campus environment that integrates universal design of information technology resources through outreach, evaluation, collaboration, education, research and adaptive technologies to ensure the inclusion of students with disabilities in the Illinois Experience.

Strategic Goals

  • To promote the use of universal design and accessibility principles and practices.
  • To develop a knowledge base on accessible design techniques.
  • To maximize effectiveness and accessibility of learning environments.

Group Members


Campus Committees and Policies

IT Accessibility Standards

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