Note Taking Services

Note Taking Services

DRES will assist students in securing note taking services. Students for whom note taking services have been approved should download a "Notetaker Information Packet" from Compass for each class in which such services are required.  Each packet includes a letter to the professor identifying the student as having a disability which warrants the provision of note taking support services.The letter suggests three alternatives for the provision of this accommodation:

  1. The professor providing the student with a copy of his/her personal lecture notes;
  2. A teaching assistant being assigned responsibility for taking notes in the class; or
  3. The professor recruiting peer notetakers from the class.

Students for whom note taking service has been determined to be a reasonable accommodation may have the volunteer email notes to them or receive carbonless copy paper.

PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU ARE A COLLEGE OF LAW (COL) STUDENT the Procedures are the following:

1. Utilize priority registration and as soon as you receive a schedule.

2. Forward the schedule to Tina Cowsert ( and let her know which classes you require note taking. 

3. Tina will then work with you and the COL to schedule note takers for your courses.