Accessibility 101

accessibility 101 badgeThe Accessibility 101 course is intended to increase understanding and awareness of accessibility, as well as in the context of information technology (I.T.).  Because accessibility work is a responsibility shared among campus citizens, creating a common language and shared understanding of basic accessibility concepts provides a critical foundation for everyone.

The course is self-paced, broken into sections with an evaluation at the beginning and end that we encourage all to complete to help us know how we can meet your informational needs as we work together as a campus to provide an inclusive and accessible workplace for our students, faculty, staff, and visitors - both here on campus and those joining us online!

The course requires an active NetID to access and will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Self-registering for the course

NOTE: If you are taking this as a pre-req for another badging course, you must register for that course first in order to receive a NetID and Password. You will recieve these within a few days after registering.

  1. Open a browser and go to
  2. Sign into Illinois Compass 2g using your NetID and Password that has been assigned to you.
  3. In the "Course Catalog" module, click on the Browse Course Catalog button.
  4. Enter “Accessibility 101” in the text box and select Go. You will be presented with this course, ahs_dres_train_156633
  5. Hover your cursor next to the name of the course under "Course ID" and select the downward arrow.
  6. Select Enroll from the dropdown menu.
  7. Select Submit to self-enroll in the course.

For questions or comments about the course, please contact Christy Blew at