Staff Directory

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Accessible Media Services
Velviet Adams Office Support Specialist
Angella Anderson Disability Specialist, Accessible Media
Ann Fredricksen Disability Specialist, Accessible Media
Assistive Communication & Information Technology
Lori Lane IT Accessibility Specialist
Jon Gunderson Coordinator
Christy Blew IT Accessibility Specialist
Nicholas Hoyt Software Development and User Interface Design Specialist
Beckwith Residential Support Services
Susann Sears Acting Director
Katherine Johnson Associate Director
Paige Lindahl-Lewis Disability Specialist
Business Office
Jeffrey McCoy Accounting Associate
Clara Thorpe Office Support Specialist
Campus Life
Matt Buchi Head Coach, Men's Wheelchair Basketball
Maureen Gilbert Coordinator
Adam Bleakney Head Coach, Men's and Women's Track, Field, and Racing
Stephanie Wheeler Head Coach, Women's Basketball
Adam Siero Athletic Trainer
Director's Office
Pat Malik Interim Director
Kim Collins Assistant Director
Mindy Rick Administrative Aide
Physical Therapy
Jeannette Elliott Physical Therapist
Student Services
Tina Cowsert Access Specialist for Deaf/HOH and Blind/Low Vision
Karen Wold Learning Disabilities Specialist
Marlene Hedrick Clerk
Betsy Jane Basch Clinical Counselor
Tim Cronin Visiting Disability Specialist
Kim Collins Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Jonathan Thomas-Stagg Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Testing Accommodations Center
Tina Rolfe Academic Accommodations Specialist
Mylinda Granger Coordinator
David Morgan Head Disability Transportation Specialist
Carolyn Bretzlaff Disability Transportation Specialist
Rebecca Wilsey Disability Transportation Specialist
Ron Lewis Disability Transportation Specialist